Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Green Day"

Holidays are always something special around the Ward house. We love any excuse to have a family party. (And I like any excuse to hang something cute from my chandelier!) St. Patrick's Day has been a family favorite for awhile. It is a date that has special meaning due to the fact that my brother, a.k.a. Uncle Samuel, was born on this very holiday! He is our lucky charm, he is the shamrock in our shake, he is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, he is the green candy in my green candy diet...

Our day began with a lively table dressed for a fantastic green breakfast. Waffles, milk, eggs, lemonade were all dyed green. The kids were in emerald city heaven! Gold coins and orange cream soda were our breakfast dessert. (Yes, we had dessert after breakfast. We're classy like that.)

Jackson led the kids in a fun game of "Find the pot of gold with Hot and Cold". Jackson learned this game at Joy School last week in preparation for this holiday. He took my large taco meat cooking pot and dropped in a few gold coins. He hid the pot in a random location in the house. The other kids had to find the pot as Jackson guided them through the house. The closer you got to the pot, the hotter you'd get. The further you got from the pot the colder you'd get. Whoever found the pot got to keep the coins! It was a quick easy game. We played 4 rounds in about 4 minutes. The perfect amount of fun time before running out the door to catch the bus to school!

The table remained intact until dinner. Shocking, I know. And most of the gold coins were also still there too!

We're goin' green at the Ward house! Literally. Green. Green rice, green chicken, green sauce, green broccoli (that one doesn't count because it was already green, of course), and green milk for Logan. I threw some of my favorite orange slices in there for a pop of contrasting color - the color of a leprechaun's hair!

Now for the proof that they actually ate all that crazy food!

We finished off the night by singing Happy Birthday to my brother, Samuel, and then drank a shamrock shake in his honor. :)

Top o' the evening to ye. Cheers!

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