Sunday, September 16, 2007

Soccer Saturdays

Fall brings soccer season. Jennifer and I would be bummed about giving up the Saturdays, but the boys really enjoy playing soccer. Even better, Logan and Trevor are on the same team this year not only saving us time on Saturdays, but during the week with practices as well. Caleb Minnick and one other LDS boy are on the team as well allowing us to spend time with some friends and families as well.The boys are hyped up all week for their Saturday game. Trevor is getting quite good at booting the ball and Logan sprints around the field like he just drank a six pack of Red Bull. Together they are pretty entertaining to watch. The rest of the Saturday is spent reliving and retelling things that happen during the game. Only two more months to go.


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T & A Duran said...

Thats awesome that they get to be on the same team! How fun...and good for you =).