Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Labor day weekend came and past and the summer with it. The heat is definitely still here though. So much so that we decided to get out of the valley to much cooler locales- the central coast and a visit with Kelly and Julio. We got to walk around the grounds of Cal Poly, where Julio will be attending school in a week or so, check out downtown San Luis, play at the beach and hit the petting zoo at the Avila Valley Barn. The Kids enjoyed hanging out and playing on Kelly and Julio's computer and making funny pictures of themselves. Perhaps the highlight of the trip was going down bubble gum ally in downtown San Luis Obispo and sticking their own piece of gum to the collection. I found a spot where some friends and I stuck BYU high up on the wall over sixteen years ago, I could hardly believe it was still there. Honestly, a ally whose walls are full of bubble gum that was in peoples mouths may be the definition of disgusting, I kept on having to stop the kids from attempting to touch the wall, it had me a little anxious. The weather warmed up on Sunday forcing us to make an early retreat back home. Monday was spent doing what many do, swimming and eating barbecue.


T & A Duran said...

How fun! Im so jealous! We did...let's see....nothing. =/

Jeremy said...

Sometimes nothing is pretty fantastic too!

Krocky said...

Add your gum.