Tuesday, August 24, 2010

shootin' the summer breeze

The boys found a new passion the last few days of summer: BB GUNS!

Don't let those serious faces fool you, they are quite ecstatic to be out there shooting guns to their hearts' content.

At any time of any day these boys could be found in the backyard firing away at random objects found around the home. Note the pulverized soda can they are holding. Cereal boxes, milk cartons, stuffed animals no longer treasured - all became targets.

This BB gun fetish brought some unique backyard challenges. No longer can you walk barefoot unless you are willing to step on those teeny tiny bb's. Those things are everywhere! Ever done that? Well, you won't want to do it again if you have. And, depending on which door you exited, you'd be forced to yell, "CEASE FIRE!" to protect yourself from being hit by a stray bb.

The bb gun fascination will continue for awhile longer. But, like everything else the kids are excited about, will come to an end shortly. Trevor has BB Gun at the top of his birthday wish list. We'll see how long it stays in the #1 position as his late September birthday gets closer and closer. For now we will hear, "ting! ting...ting! ting, ting! ting..." through the afternoons and into the evenings until the daylight is gone.

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