Wednesday, August 25, 2010

She's a big girl now!

We have been talking about getting Lizzie's ears pierced for awhile now. She wanted to have an "Ear Piercing 6th Birthday Party" back in January where all of her little girlfriends would go to the shop and get their ears done! We quickly nixed that plan, but continued to talk about when would be a good time to get her ears pierced.

I always said that I'd love for her to wear earrings - I would've loved her to have had them when she was a baby (Call it my culture coming out in me; babies with earrings are sooo cute!), but I knew it was smart to wait until she was old enough to 1. want them for herself and 2. be old enough to care for her ears on her own.

Jeremy and I never really discussed this ear piercing scenario for our daughter. We never decided on an age or event that would define the time when we were ok with her getting her ears pierced. This lack of planning caused some family friction for awhile. Lizzie mentioned wanting to get her ears pierced. Mommy was excited that she was finally aware and excited about it. Daddy was not so sure he wanted his little girl growing up faster than he was ready. After much persuading (from Mommy) and pleading (from Lizzie) and another outside influence (the cousins next door getting their ears done the week before) Daddy finally gave the gave in.

Maddy and Emma (who got their ears pierced the week before) were willing and excited to come with Lizzie to Claire's and help her through this memorable life-moment. Lizzie was prepared for the pain (thank you to Emma and Maddy for detailing their experiences several times over); the pain factor is what held her back initially, but after the convincing of the cousins Lizzie finally decided it would be worth it and that it really wouldn't be that bad.

She took her time choosing the perfect pair of earrings that would be cute and match everything she wore for those first 8 weeks - perfect "diamonds" set in a gold plated post. It's all about fashion these days, people.

The lady in the store was helpful and accommodating. She suggested we have both ears done at the same time so the pinching sensation would only happen once. She gave Lizzie the "Claire Bear" to hold onto while they did the piercing. The lady took her time choosing the correct placement. Can you see her calm face masking her racing heart!?


Maddy and Emma each held one of her hands for moral support...


Ta-dah! Beautiful new earrings!

Here are the 3 cute girl cousins with their freshly pierced ears. Ooh la la. Don't they look stunning?

It was a big day for mama and daughter. I was so happy that she was so brave. She didn't shed one tear! Lizzie really is one tough girl. At the same time there was a pang of sadness. This was the only time my girl would get her ears pierced. I've waited my whole motherhood for this moment and now it's come and gone. I just didn't quite prepare myself for Lizzie to have a "coming-of-age" experience when she was just 6 years old. Anticipation is a tricky tricky thing. My baby girl is no longer a baby. She's a big girl now!

Of course, the happiness outweighs any sad feelings. We are all happy she's got her new earrings. She looks and feels like a princess. And her ears are healing nicely. There is no more soreness or redness. She remembers to clean her ears every day without a reminder from mom and she does it all on her own - exactly how we wanted it to be.

Next comes the which-earrings-are-appropriate-for-little-girls battle. Any pointers or advice from you experienced mothers?


Brock said...

If she is anything like Elora she will be so grateful to have earrings she will wear whatever you buy... this gives you time to establish a pattern of what is okay!

kelly said...

So cute! Tyler and I had this discussion long ago, he said 12 years old, I said now. We settled on when she asks for it (with no persuasion from me). As for which earrings, I would just think, for now, none than extend past her earlobe. Less is more.