Saturday, January 23, 2010

hail. Hail. HAIL!

It has been raining like crazy for the past several days. The rain is much needed and welcome. It does get hard when you try to go grocery shopping or when you dash from the car to the house or when you don't get any outside recess for several days in a row. BUT it can bring some fun surprises as well. Yesterday we had a chilly treat fall from the sky. No, that is not snow... it's HAIL! WOW. Check out that parking lot! They could've made snowballs out of all that hail and had a royal fight! The hail fell only in a small section of the city, but it really came down in this one spot. Do those boys look happy to be outside or what? They haven't played outside for so long, but it was so enjoyable for them even if it was just for a few freezing cold moments.


Michelle said... did I miss the hail???

kelly said...

How cool, it's a winter wonderland! I heard it hailed a ton, not here though, weird.

haley said...

We got that hail too; not everyone did though. People that live pretty close to me didn't. It must have travelled right above the two of us!!

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Santa's Gift Shoppe and Ideas said...

Hi Jen
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