Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Activities

Summer is just about here... only one more day of school for the kiddos and then it's over. Or it's beginning? Either way you look at it, the kids will be home all summer! My friend, Leslie, made a list of all the fun things they'd be doing this summer. I thought I'd do the same - even if only to get ideas from others so we don't end up playing video games all the days long!

Swim lessons

Swim in the pool

Water polo camp

Read books

Music camp

Go to Wild Water Adventures

Cub Scout Day Camp

$1 & $3 movie theaters

Scout Camp

Teach the kids how to cook - cookie squares, mac n cheese, pancakes, quesadillas (any other babysitting foods???)

Camping at the Beach

Once a week library visits (to check out more FREE video games! and books, of course)


Camping in the mountains

Movies on the wall in the backyard

Smores with a backyard bonfire

Nerf battles

Airsoft wars


Chuck E Cheese when reading charts are filled!

Go to the farm

Check out the city parks with water features

Family bike rides

Walks to the gas station


Of course, all of this fun will happen after the morning chore charts have been completed:
brush teeth
make bed
pick up dirty clothes
Jackson Job (read with Jackson, ABC Flashcards with Jackson, or white board writing letters with Jackson)
around the house job x2

That's the plan anyway... we'll see how long the mama's will power lasts :/

What are you doing for family fun this summer to keep the summer doldrums away?

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