Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You, Time-Out!

Thank you to Groupon for the excellent deal on tickets for our entire family to attend a basketball game! The kids were all excited to dress in the college colors and were feeling much school pride as we entered the arena.

The crowds have been VERY sparse at our local college basketball games... Which is fine by us because those sparse crowds worked to our advantage in several ways. The tix came at a great price, we did not loose a child in the crowd this time :/ ,and we got to meet Time-Out!

Time-Out was making his way through the crowd, talking to all the kids and taking pictures along the way. He spotted our eager children and came right over to them! What a sport! I was shocked when Time-Out leaned over to pick up Jackson and he jumped right into his arms. The kids were all in heaven. They've never had the chance to meet him up close. What a great night.

Oh, and we won the game too. That was just a bonus. Go Dogs.

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