Sunday, August 9, 2009

JUNK for sale!

This summer has been full of all things interesting to the kids. This one is in the top 5 requests each week, "Mom, can we do a yard sale today?" Most days I say no because they ask at 3 o'clock in the afternoon when it is cotton-pickin' hot out there and I do not want to go out there and sweat my buns off setting it all up when most likely no one will stop by. So along with my, "No, not today" answer usually comes an alternate plan: "What about if we do a yard sale on SATURDAY MORNING when all the yard sale shoppers are out and I'll even make some cinnamon rolls for you to sell?"

Here they are happy as clams. Excited about my alternate plan. Up early with bed head to meet the throngs of eager customers (maybe 3 total).

This yard sale was the first of a series of about 3. The first was the biggest success because they had the most product to push. The toy bins in their rooms were cleaned out and we threw in several household items that were also on their way out. Uncle Matt even decided to throw out some items that had been lurking in his garage for awhile. Trevor and Logan took home around $12 on their biggest selling day. Woo! Our house is slightly less cluttery and better because of their new hobby. Happy selling boys!


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

My boys are ALWAYS bringing me piles of junk saying, "Can we sell this for money??" As if I'm going to have a yard sale so that they can hope somebody buys 3 old pokemon cards, a Mcdonalds toy and some old socks.

Renee Hart said...

Okay, the next time you have a yard sale and decide to make cinnamon rolls to sell, give me a little advance notice and I'll be right over!

Susie Demke said...

HAHAHA. I did the same thing. Gavin really wanted to have a lemonade stand to "make some money" and just like your boys asked everyday around 3 o clock. When we were having that heat wave. It's roasting by 10 o clock! Plus we don't have sidewalks, Just horse trails. Eww. Poo.
So I finally consented. We had to do it down the hill at the bottom of the street (which means I had to drive him there and drive back and forth every 10 min to check on him) where the golfers and their golf carts drive by. Only in the morning. Very early in the morning. Because it's so bloody hot. I even made special "homemade Italian Basil Lemonade" trying to appeal to our golfers sophisticated palates. Ha! I figured I spent about $40 (maybe more) dollars on lemonade and cookie stuff and Gavin grossed about 8 dollars total. Mostly because the people who bought it would round up the 25cents to a dollar. So that's about 8? customers. Over 3 days. I should at least get a cut of the "profit".

kelly said...

That's cute, we have junk piling up too! I might brave a yard sale, someday.

Jani Jean said...

my favorite part of the picture is jackson in the background spraying the hose into his mouth! =)