Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lemonade Anyone?

Trev is the business man of the family. As such he is always looking, planning, conniving and scheming for ways to make or take an extra buck. For someone his age, he actually is pretty good with his, and others, money. Every time Logan gets some money, Trev always "trades" him something for it to increase his cash flow, like an old McDonald's happy meal toy or a really cool set of binoculars (two cardboard toilet paper rolls taped together). One time Trevor sold a piece of scrap laminate flooring to one of our neighbors for $2.00 during one of his famous yard sales. Not surprisingly, I have not seen that neighbor return.

Trev is always hitting us up to do a lemonade sale. For mom and dad this includes preparing lemonade and cookies, setting up shop, and keeping the lemonade pitcher stocked up. On a good day Trev has walked away with almost $20.00 in his pocket. Not bad for a seven year old kid. The cousins are always interested in helping out also, for which Trev always comps them for their time and labor. Of course, being the owner of the lemonade stand, means you can take a larger portion of the profits. For Trevor, that's what being a free market capitalist is all about.

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