Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Great Duckie Race

We held the first (and possibly last) Great Duckie Race for family home evening last week. Family and friends came with their decorated ducks to race them down a very small section of the the Friant-Gould Canal behind the house. The wind blew against the current and thus the ducks, causing many of the ducks to get stuck against the side of the canal. Dad took top honors for winning the race with his "Elvis" duck. Dad, true to his Macgyver self, attached a plastic bag to the bottom of his duck which acted like a under water sail catching the current and carrying his duck along down the canal quite a bit faster then anyone else's. Seeing that Dad was kicking everyone else's trash, the kids all began to throw rocks at "Elvis Duck" trying to make it sink to no avail. My duck, the "Dastardly Duck", took fourth behind Kelly's "Harry Potterduck". Lizzie (and mommy) designed her duck to be a princess. Logan made "Anakin Skyduck", and sticking with the Star Wars theme, Trevor made "R2-D2 Duck". My favorite design was Samuel's "Fetus Duck". Samuel spent some time working his duck inside a balloon which he later blew up attempting to make it look like a uterus. Unfortunately, Logan popped the fetus duck before it ever gave birth. Mica attached a balloon to a straw on the back of her duck to get a little extra propulsion. Unfortunately the balloon was spent before the ducks ever started to flow. We called it a night after Jared took four or five trips up and down the side of the canal fishing out the "dead" ducks and giving them back to their owners. Dad was rewarded with a bag of chocolates for finishing first. Julio was also rewarded with a bag of chocolates as a consolation prize for his duck sinking at the starting line. Julio tried to stream line his duck by cutting off all all the "unnecessary" parts. After taking one look at it, I named Julio's duck, "Vincent Van Duck" for the chopped off body parts. Sadly, Vincent Van Duck still remains at the bottom of the canal.

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